Surface Water Treatment Plant



Surface water are sources of water found on the earth’s surface such as creeks, rivers, streams, lakes, snow, ocean water, land consisting of marshes, etc.

Surface water is generally lacking of mineral content, and is often referred to as “soft water.” This water is highly vulnerable to various pollutants including industrial wastes, pesticides, animal wastes, algae, and many other organic substances.

Surface water treatment plants are used to purify water and eliminate impurities from all types of surface water. To have the right and the most efficient surface water treatment plant, you need to correctly analyze the surface water chemistry and to have a fundamental understanding of how the surface water system works.

Prior to choosing a treatment plant, the surface water has to be tested and analyzed for chemical contaminants, bacteria, bad tastes, odors and staining. It also needs to be tested for iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, pH, calcium, hardness, alkalinity, turbidity, arsenic, nitrate, sulfate, chloride, sodium, lead...etc.

For, choosing right treatment plant for surface water you also have to decide application of that treated water.


Types of Surface Water Treatment Plants:



Surface Water Treatment By Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse osmosis plant with activated carbon filters can remove wide spectrum of contaminants such as organic chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, dissolved salts, lead, mercury, calcium, iron, asbestos, cysts...etc.


Surface Water Treatment By Dm Plant

Demineralisation process involves removal of minerals by means of Ion Exchange Resins. Demineralization of water is achieved by passing water through Cation Resin Column and then though Anion Resin Column.

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Surface Water Treatment By Ultra Filtration System

Ultra filtration systems utilize hollow membrane fibers to eliminate suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.


Surface Water Treatment By Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure sand filter removes the suspended matter from the water. It can remove suspended matter up to 100 micron from the water.


Surface Water Treatment By Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter removes Color, Odor and Bed smell from the water. It filter absorbs oil and grease from the water and makes the water free from BOD and COD.


Surface Water Treatment By Water Filtration Systems

Water media filter systems can remove, iron, manganese, chromium, selenium, arsenic...etc.


Surface Water Treatment By Uv Sterilizer Systems

For water disinfection, Ultraviolet (UV) water sterilizers can eliminate microorganisms in water.


Cost Of Surface Water Treatment Systems

The cost of each system depends on so many factors:

- Water analysis.

- Application.

- Required flow rate.