DM Plant

DM Plant  – Industrial & Commercial


FREEION ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of DM plant Denineralisation in Gujarat, India. DM Plant known as demineralizer or demineralizer is also known as DI or deionized.


Demineralisation process involves removal of minerals by means of Ion Exchange Resins. Demineralization of water is achieved by passing water through Cation Resin Column and then though Anion Resin Column.

When minerals, which are salts of acid and base, dissolve in water, they get ionized in to Cations and Anions. Water demineralization thus is process of removing these Cation and Anions.

Water demineralisation system consists of various combinations such as:

(WAC) – SAC – (DG) – (WBA) – SBA – (MB)

  1. SAC – SBA
  2. SAC – DG – SBA
  3. SAC – WBA – DG – SBA
  4. SAC – WBA – SBA

Above combinations with or without WAC & MB.

  • SAC : Strong Acid Cation
  • SBA: Strong Base Anion
  • WAC: Weak Acid Cation
  • WBA: Weak Base Anion
  • DG : Degassifier / Degasser


Salient Features:

  • Compact
  • Easy to operate-only. One multiport valve on each vessel
  • Simple to install. Skid mounted
  • Complete with regeneration equipments
  • Conductivity meter to monitor treated water quality in micro siemen/cm



  • Post treatment to reverse osmosis plant
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemical Industries
  • Metal Plating
  • Laboratories
  • Battery Water



  • Two pressure vessel of FRP/Mild Steel internally rubber linned, provided with internal fittings.
  • Initial charge of strong Cation Exchanger and strong base Anion Exchanger resin.
  • Two-regeneration equipments including hydraulic ejectors, acid & alkali tanks.
  • One set of frontal pipe work anti corrosive plastic material.
  • One set of multi port valve for easy operation. All operation steps clearly marked on valve.
  • One Mild Steel base frame for mounting Cation and Anion units.
  • One Conductivity Meter to monitor treated water quality.