Nano filtration

FREEION ENGINEERING offer Ultra Filtration Plant, which is designed by using advanced technology this design is dependent on different flux rates, pump models, membrane types and inlet water quality, it gives the right solution.

The membrane separation process known as nanofiltration is essentially a liquid phase one, because it separates a range of inorganic and organic substances from solution in a liquid – mainly, but by no means entirely, water. This is done by diffusion through a membrane, under pressure differentials that are considerable less than those for reverse osmosis, but still significantly greater than those for ultrafiltration. It was the development of a thin film composite membrane that gave the real impetus to nano filtration as a recognised process, and its remarkable growth since then is largely because of its unique ability to separate and fractionate ionic and relatively low molecular weight organic species.

NF membranes are also used for the removal of natural organic matter from water, especially tastes, odours and colours, and in the removal of trace herbicides from large water flows. They can also be used for the removal of residual quantities of disinfectants in drinking water

Features :

• Compact unit with robust mild steel powder coated frame .
• Range of models with capacities from 200LPH upto 100m3/Hr.

• Built in safety features to protect membranes from high pressure.

• Fully assembled and tested before dispatch.

• On-line device to monitor treated water quality.


Food and dairy.

Chemical processing.

Pulp and paper industry.