Pre Fabricated Swimming Pool

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We provide the Pre Fabricated Swimming Pools, as the name implies, is a prefabricated swimming pool that is bought already built, with the size and format that is intended for the garden. Upon delivery, the prefabricated pool, which comes as one whole piece, can be immediately installed in the garden and can be either an inground swimming pool as a above ground pool. By opting for a prefabricated pool also has the opportunity to choose between a fiberglass pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a polyester vinyl.

Pre-Fabricated Pool also known as readymade swimming pools are made up of high quality resin fiber and steel. We can customize swimming pools as per our customer’s special requirements. We also have a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to choose from. Deck can be made from wood or concrete as per design of  building or taste of customer. They are quick to install and you can be swimming in your pool within a week.

Pre Fabricated Swimming Pool Facts:

  • It is great to know that Potent’s Pre-Fabricated Pools are made in the factory and not at your place.
  • Potent’s readymade pools come with complete filtration system and led lighting.
  • Potent’s ready-made pools have extra-smooth finish.
  • Potent’s ready-made pools are 100% leak proof.
  • There is a 10 year warranty on the pool shell against manufacturing defects.
  • The colour of the pool can be according to customer’s taste.
  • These Pools can be installed In Ground, Semi In – Ground Or above Ground.
  • These pools cost almost 50% of conventional Pools.